The Craft

Crochet. The craft that uses one hooked needle, yards of chunky yard, and hours of patience.

Crochet saved my life. 

It's literally gave me the comfort I needed to face the daily struggles of college life, home life, work like, and an eating disorder.  

I learned how to crochet through a group of football moms during the four hour practices, in which I waited with nothing to do. The moms there always had yarn and a crochet hook in hand. And so one day I decided to ask them how they learned. 

"We learned from Youtube," they answered. 

They talked to me about the basic concept. And shortly after, I went to my computer and looked on Youtube into the vast world of Crochet. And from then on I was "hooked" (pun intended)

From 2011 to present I have been crocheting my way towards natural healing from my eating disorder, and trying to peaceably cope with the stress of life. Matched with the devotion of my Lord and the addictive qualities of Crochet, I set out to create fabulous and unique pieces. Not only for myself, but for others. I have been crocheting for one sole purpose-to bring glory to my King. I use my talent and fascination with yarn to bring comfort to others, as well as help those who know not how to crochet to bring comfort to those they love. 

That's why I do what I do. Crochet saved my life. And with that gift, I want to use it to help others live with peace, as well. 


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