About Me

I am a twenty-something writer, dreamer, and photographer. 


Eleanor Roosevelt once said that "Well behaved women rarely make history". And while I don't think you have to misbehave to make history or even to leave a legacy, I think what Mrs. Roosevelt is saying applies to the Christian woman and her walk with Christ. To this I will say, "Rarely does a lukewarm woman change hearts and leave a legacy. She which is on fire for God has faith to move mountains. In this she will make herself known. Not as a trouble maker, but as an encourager, lover, dreamer, and praiser of our King and His people!"

Hi. I'm Emily Shae.

And this is my blog.

And this is the journey of my heart.

This is the story of a single girl taking on the world for her Jesus. A girl whose heart is on fire for her King. A daughter, sister, friend, lover, fighter, dreamer, writer, photographer of all things lovely, and a well-known coffee addict who is doing what scares her the most-trusting in the things she cannot see. Having faith in the things she cannot feel. And hoping in the things she cannot control. 

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