Why Do We Assume?

That people become innocent creatures once they accept Christ? We have been forgiven and washed clean, but let's not disregard the fact that sin knocks on a Believer's door more so now than ever. In my mind, I don't see a Christian as any different than any other sinner - except for their profession of Faith and their decision to turn their life around.

So, why is it that we hold to this expectation/stereotype that once we become a Believer, we are immune to sin?

It's utter nonsense! We turn our lives over to Christ and make a "conscious" decision to follow the straight and narrow. It doesn't come easy. It wasn't supposed to be easy. It won't be easy.

If we believe that the Christian life is going to be all hunky-dory, then we are feeding ourselves lies. We are displaying to a lost world a lie. Not everyone experiences a physical/overly spiritual change when they accept Christ. It's an unrealistic expectation.

Just because a person isn't glowing and oozing with a sticky-sweet-Jesus-freak type of love, we shouldn't question their Faith. And to expect to see a dramatic change in someone is unprecedented.

What are we showing the world if we cannot even accept that, we as Christians, experience Christ in different ways? What are we showing the world when we project this air of Christian perfection? Stand out? Be different? Good.

However, I think that we do an Injustice to a lost world when we try to hide the fact that we, too, are still sinners. The only thing separating us from the pack is that we are under the Freedom of Grace.

I am a sinner, saved by Grace. And I use my past and present mistakes, my story of redemption, to show others that Christ doesn't care where you've been or where you're at now, but cares only for where you're headed when your time here on Earth is finished.

It's not a license to sin, to be sure. But if we cannot show the world our scars, confess to them our mistakes, and own up to the fact that we are far from perfect (regardless of the stupid stigma we try to uphold), then what are we doing? It seems to me that we are putting up a fake front, and playing a critical and debilitating part in a stained glass masquerade.

**That's the end of my musings for the day.**


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