tid bits + graduation

I was up late last night. Thinking. I know what you're thinking: you're not the least bit surprised. After all, I am a teeny-weensy bit of a chatter box. And my mind is always busy.

Sometimes you just don't know where you're headed in life. You feel all loosey goosey--like a bowl of lime jello--and can't seem to pin point who you are, what you feel or even what you want out of life. For me, this often feels like the Millennium Falcon going into hyper-drive (at times it doesn't work and, well, other times it works a little too well.)

OK. I am rambling. I know! I know! I can't help myself. 

Over the course of this past Spring semester, I have been busy trying to get everything ready and situated for an internship at a museum, making sure all of my classes are in order (meaning, that I have all the credit hours I need to graduate!), and applying for the actual graduation scheduled for the following Spring semester!

Realizing I have come this far since starting back in 2009, I have overcome so many things and have made strides in bettering myself, growing in the grace and love of Christ, learning to be open with others, while also learning that singleness is a virtue and not a curse. 


Here I am, about to submit my application for graduation. Things are getting real. I am definitely "growing up". I don't want to, but the reality of life is that there's no stopping it. Darn. 

At least I can be proud of myself for the success I have garnered. And hopefully I have made my family and friends proud in the process. 

After graduation, I will be heading into my Masters program. I'll be that much closer to unearthing interesting treasures about the past and it's dead. I am excited! 

*Insert nerdy History major here*

With only eight classes standing in my way, I am hopeful that I will finish the race more energized and zealous for the future than the day that I started on this journey. Thank God for unanswered prayers and open windows! 


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