To the guys who tease:

This morning I saw you teasing a well-endowed young woman who chose to wear a skirt. Her wearing a skirt is the least of your worries, guys. You're insensitivity to her body and her choice in style is cruel, and repulsive! So what if she wears a skirt and doesn't shave her legs?! Society makes it a girl's obligation to shave because it's the "proper" thing to do. Ha-ha! But, when did it become okay for you to dictate how a woman should present herself? She's probably already her own worst critic. She doesn't need you're help. Don't add to the fire!

Apparently you must feel small and insecure about yourself to stoop to such stupidity....Being mean doesn't make you any "bigger" or "more" of a man. It makes you less of one in my book! Chopping women down at the knees is cruel! 

If you ask me (which you're not...but I'll tell you anyway), she's being way more authentic than most girls would have the courage to attempt. She obviously has WAY more confidence than you, to say the least. And I bet she's smart and very likable, too. But, you'll never have the pleasure of knowing her beautiful soul. You might have had a chance if you'd kept your mouth shut and acted like a gentleman. But - now there is NO chance for you. She's out of your league, and certainly smart enough to know that she deserves more than the garbage you have to offer.

So - next time you insult a girl, taking jabs at her appearance, remember that you're not doing anything to physically injure're injuring her heart. And remember this: insulting a woman makes you less of a man (if you ever were one to begin with), and makes you qualified for a random mobbing of angry women with fingernails, sharp teeth, high heels, and purses stuffed with bricks.

Oh, and as you leave, please put your ball cap on the correct way and pull your pants up above your knees. And also, walk like a confident man, and not like a pig in a blanket or a waddling penguin. And, to the guy who winked at me: move on buddy, I am so out of your league you'd have to freeze time to catch up with me. I'm not into losers to degrade women for their own amusement. Walk along now...I don't know if I can keep myself from slapping you if you were to stay a second longer.


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