the WKU theme song list

I am amazed at the fact that one can become increasingly bored during the semesters at a college campus. And while I do not live on campus (thank goodness!), I still feel the side-effects of continual boredom, studying or not.

Boredom is not necessarily a displeasure. Granted, it can be a great reprieve from the insanity of studying. But - sometimes the boredom becomes too much and I get consumed by the musicals in my head and become a hopeless sap for humming (and sometimes singing) random tunes that have come to be known as my college "theme" songs.

Ah, yes, I have one for every occasion. This is what college kids do, to be honest. If you're not in class, you're thinking of ways to not have to study the homework you must get done before the next class period. And then, of course, we know what procrastination gets us: ANXIETY!


I go to Western Kentucky University and it is a very rough place to travel by foot with a 50 lb backpack on your back! There as so many hills (I swear they're never-ending!) that I almost dread every morning I have to walk to the classes I have at the very top. So - in order to get through the murderous struggle of walking UP the hill at turtle speed, I sing my "going up hill song".


I also dread walking onto campus. Everyone on this campus is so awkward. Everyone is dressed weird. Everyone smells funny. Everyone looks at you funny. And some just ignore your presence altogether. It's funny and sad all rolled into hundreds of college students who have no clue what they're doing. 


I have one friend at WKU. So - I'm not totally alone. But lets face it...I'm alone. I rarely ever see my friend. I rarely get a chance to talk to anyone. Everyone is either on their phones or have their earphones stuck so far down their ear canal that I am even surprised they have any form of "hearing" left. Yup, alone. Forever. haha


When it comes to exam day, I walk out the door singing. Not a happy song, make no mistake. It's, rather, a more melancholy cry for kind thoughts, lots of prayer, and remembrance for me as I enter into the unknown territories of each and every exam period. Not one test is ever the same! Thus, I am always on edge and slightly nauseous heading into an exam.


I always sing this song after learning that I passed that said exam! Oh, sweet Jesus!


Oh, glorious days! When the end of the semester rolls around and that day comes where all I have to do is take the last exam, leave, and then hibernate until next semester, I am singing "I am Free"! But I am also counting down those minutes on the clock until I am able to say "astalavista baby" to my professor, classmates, and all the information I learned over the 14 week period. 


That moment, after all that hard work and those sleepless nights, when you pass your class! A, B, or a's a passing grade and you don't have to do a retake! Note: A's and B's are preferred. Those high grades are good for your GPA. 

I have many, many more theme songs. But some of them are just "normal life" type theme songs. And they usually fluctuate with the changes in my mood. The end of this fall semester cannot come fast enough. I need my sanity back! And my brain. If you find it, please keep it safe for me. 


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