i am so very confused, a prose by me

Why do I get up so early?
Why do I subject myself to late nights?
Why does my head hurt?
Why do my eyes feel like they're bulging out of my eye sockets? 

This all feels too much.
Things are happening too soon.
Holy cow! Wait! You're speaking too fast.
What did I just say?
That made no sense. 
Lawd! I can't keep up...
And if I do--keep up-- I end up getting too comfortable
And falling behind!
Oy vey.

Why did I study so hard?
I barely remember a thing!
What?! We're already on chapter three?
We were on chapter one just four days ago!
I'm confused.
I am so very confused.

I better ace this test.
Oops. So much for being positive.
Failure is only an option?
Well, what about the teacher...
He seems to have no appreciation for my diversified thinking and originality.
Failure is only an option...
Tell that to the teacher who lowered my final grade one letter because I missed a class!

Please, tell me when college is over.
Hopefully I will be wiser when I'm older.
But if not, I'll be okay.
My plans are to be a stay-at-home mom, anyway. 


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