first week // day 4 // remember me as I was

Please. Remember me as I was: a happy, energetic, and enthusiastic dreamer with goals and aspirations far exceeding the wants of ascertaining a passing grade. Right now - that's all that seems to matter. A passing grade. Granted, it's only Week One. It's only the 4th day. But getting a good, firm foundational start to the college semester is crucial to learning and developing as a student. getting those stellar grades!

...considering this as a new study technique. 
Needless to say, I have been studying non-stop - save for sleeping - in order to get ahead of schedule. I have, in all honesty, never read so many different books on a variety of subjects in my entire existence. At least, not all at the same time! Nor have I ever been able to say that I "have walked to school up hill both ways". Although - I can now. 

And with all of this major studying (which is likely to continue without pause), I feel as though my head should explode at any point during the semester. If not by the end of today! I read the textbooks half confused, half prepared. Some words I know. Some words I have to use a dictionary and thesaurus to discern it's actual meaning within the context of the passage. 

Part of me feels so under-prepared intellectually. Inferior to these broad-minded individuals who seems to have a vast knowledge of the subjects at hand. More so than I could ever hope to attain. Maybe it is just that I didn't create within my own little universe a liberal identity, point of view, and anti-religious slant. Apparently those liberal views seem to be the correct way of thinking in terms of classes such as Geography and Psychology. If that's the case...I am doomed! I am sure my education class has a liberal slant to it, as well. I understand that the majority of college students feel that they must express their individuality through liberalism. But at least make the lessons and class work applicable to those who have more conservative views on society, education, and the such. While I hate catering to the liberal slant, I will do it to ensure my grade and ability to graduate. Although I will not condone certain topics, concerns, and political correctness

Alright then, I guess I should finish reading Act I of Brother to Dragons. Not sure yet of what I think of this novel-like prose, but it may yet grow on me. Only time will tell. Right now, though, it has much to be desired. The use of vocabulary, though, is quite intriguing and refreshing. 



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