College 101: Helpful Apps

It was my first year of college. And believe it or not, I was one of the few and the proud who still had a flip phone. In the age of iPones and Androids, I had a flip phone. I bright blue flip phone, complete with a selection of six ringtones, and an impossible navigation system. I didn't even have texting capabilities on the darn thing!

Aside from not having a phone until age 18, and then not even having a "cool" phone until age 21, I didn't miss much in terms of technology--except for those cute little icons they call apps. When I finally got my smart phone, I had no clue I was missing until I found the usefulness of certain apps. Mostly college related apps. Seldom do I download games. Distracting!

Scheduling has always been my number one priority and greatest struggle: keeping track of classes, dates and times of tests/due dates/exams. Having the ability to find apps to help with me college life, as well as help with my anxiety, was perfect for this Type-A personality. I went through a slew of apps trying to find the ones that worked best for what I had in mind.

Most of the apps--after digging for the diamonds in the rough--I use are FREE. Of course, everyone has his/her own preference. These just happen to work the best. 
  • EasyBib--If you're new to the college arena, you're going to need to consult this app/website more often that you think. So keep it handy! Easybib is an app (and a website) where you can put in the information of the book, magazine, etc., you're citing and have it put into MLA, APA, or Chicago Style format. 
  • one is pretty self explanatory. I use this one all the time. Especially if I am unsure of how to differentiate between dessert & desert. 
  • Google Docs--I keep this one handy if I need to edit a paper on the go. I just upload my paper to my google docs account on my computer after it's been saved, and check it on my phone without ever having to pull out my laptop. 
  • My Study Life--A most recent discovery. With this app, I am able to input all the information I need about my class (location, time, etc.), and my professor. The app also allows you to color-code your classes so there is less confusion. Plus, you are able to add tasks according to each class; they'll appear on your calendar and remind before it's due.
I, personally, don't like to overload my phone with a slew of apps. I mean, I have enough, that's for sure! But I prefer to have all my apps located on one screen, even if in groups. If you're not sure that some of these will work, do some more searching. These apps are only the tip of the ice burg. However, don't spend too much time searching...remember to study!
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