Snowpocalypse 2k15 | Tennessee Style

It's snowy. It's rainy. It's blue butt cold! To top it all off the slush is turning to ice; and to top that off it's causing the streets to flood. Never in my years of living here in the Volunteer State have I seen so much snow...and ice. 

This southern girl has always wished for a "White Christmas" of sorts, but never have I imagined it happening Valentine's weekend with 8+ inches of snow blockading us indoors for a full seven days! Call us southerners wimps about this type of weather--go ahead. But never having seen such incredible conditions hit this area (Middle Tennessee), we were thrown for a loop as to what to do about this weather. 

Of course, there were a few things we HAD to do, and a few things we WISHED we could do:

  • SLEEP IN: First thing to do with this winter weather, also known as "Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmageddon" was wake up around ten-ish. Um, heck yes; if you're gonna be snowed in, why not take advantage of the inability to escape the confines of one's home due to the ice!
  • EAT: Breakfast! But not just one breakfast. I think the term is second breakfast-coined by Hobbits-which means....MORE food! Because, after all, there's nothing else to do but eat, eat, eat!
  • SING FROZEN (loudly): one must rush outside to embrace this weather with the song of the "snowed-in-ones" called Let It Go. Because, after all, the snow never bothered anyone, anyway; right? 

  • BUILD A SNOWMAN!: This is self explanatory.

      • GET OUT: You'll probably want to get out and go skiing. And while you will not be anywhere near "epic", you'll probably feel like you could do anything after being cooped up for so long.

      • GO TO STARBUCKS!: You despiratly need a "fix" and Starbucks is your "go-to" spot. can't get there. Bummer.

      This has been my winter, folks. Or, at least my week since Sunday evening. And while I love this kind of weather, it sure does suck to be stuck inside for so LOOOONNNNNGGGG. Freedom apparently didn't come cheaply, and I have had to pay the price by living in the house with 4 other people ALL week without a break. It's a sacrifice! Hehe. Well worth it, though. I have had fun. I have enjoyed the down time. I have missed the outside world immensely. But, I don't often get a chance to just stay home and literally have the time to fellowship with my family. For that, I am truly blessed. 

      Gotta go. Gonna go paint my nails and eat more and sing the song of my people.....THE SNOW NEVER BOTHERED ME ANYWAY!!!!


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