Sacred Singleness | Part Three | Finding Romantic Fulfillment

If you're just now reading this series, I would love it if you'd take the time to read Part One and Part Two as an introduction to the continuation of the series, so that you might understand better what is going on and what I am talking about. My purpose for writing these segments are to inform singles about their purpose for being single and to encourage them that this season of their life is a higher calling than they could ever imagine!
A spirit of restlessness and resistance can never wait, but one who believes he is loved with an everlasting love, and knows that underneath are the everlasting arms, will find strength and peace. {Elisabeth Elliot}

Oh, my! Romance--I am almost over the whole romantic fulfillment deal. When you've dated as many guys as I have *palm to face* you'll understand why my views on romance with "earthly" men have somewhat dissipated.  It isn't that I have a BAD attitude towards romance or men. But-it does take time for a hamburger heart to heal from so many failed attempts to take relationships into one's own hands by giving a little to much and getting nothing in return.
 For He satisfies the longing soul. {Psalm 107:9}
Ladies and Gents, I will tell you the honest truth: the best romance of all times is with our beloved Jesus Christ. It's that simple, yet just as complex! Being so in love with my sweet Jesus hasn't always been this easy. In fact, just months ago I was still pining my time on the first dude I dated back in 2013. What a sap! I remember crying over this guy only months ago praying that God would somehow find it befitting to place this man back into my life. 

However, the more I prayed the more I realized that I didn't need a guy itching to go to second and third base with me when I had a heavenly father itching to develop a close and reckless relationship with me; a relationship that would be much more rewarding and fulfilling in the end. 

Girls and guys desire romance in a different way. Girls long from their prince charming to sweep them off their feet. And guys long to be the prince doing the sweeping--"the women are to be conquered"! Huzzah! (okay, I took some liberty in explaining that. But if you gents would go read Wild At Heart by John Eldredge you'd get a clear picture and find that I am almost spot on). 

Anyhow, to keep this post relatively short, I just want to give you guys a brief glimpse at the romance of a life time that you are missing out on. Not to say that I have a perfect romance with my King (I am only human), but the relationship is priceless and the work required on my half to keep it where it needs to be is well worth it!


I love it when I get some time alone-without another soul around asking for attention. Why? Because, during this time I want to be able to transfix myself upon the glory of the Lord and really, truly discover (in the moment) the beauty of the Ultimate Bridegroom. In her book, "Sacred Singleness" (for those of you who might not remember), Leslie Ludy talks about the beauty and the precious moments being in the season(s) of singleness can provide. She mentions, in regards to discovering the beauty of our Ultimate Bridegroom, that "Jesus Christ is the One who ultimately satisfies the deepest needs and desires of [our] hearts" (Ludy 47; emphasis added). 

Hebrews 13:8 has this to say: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever". Thinking about this verse sends shivers up and down my spine because of the perfect imagery it provides in correlation to who God is and who we are not. He knows our hearts even better than we do-because He created us. Not just to exist and pine our days waiting for our one true love to come waltzing over to us in heals or sensual cologne. He created us with impeccable taste and filled us with the desire for romance only He can fill. And He will always be the most prince/friend a heart could ever want. 

I don't have an earthly fool-proof secret to share from my own struggles, but a supernatural secret that is far more real and lovely. The secret is this: "if you want a remarkable human love story, fall in love with Jesus Christ" (Ludy 50). That pretty much sums it up, ladies and gents. Fall in love with Jesus Christ. I can guarantee it will be the most remarkable love story ever told! Colossians 1:18 speaks to us a reminder of the position Christ MUST have in EVERY SINGLE area of our lives. He needs to be our top priority. He longs to be our number one. 

So, my question is this: is He first place in your live, or does the hope of an earthy love take center stage? Are you willing to let go of those romantic notions in your head for a piece of divine romance according to God's specifications? A truly beautiful reckless type of love that is far from fathomable, but purely enjoyable and fulfilling

Madame Jeanne Guyon wrote:
Abandonment is practiced by continually losing your own will in the will of God; by plunging your will into the depths of His will, there to be lost forever! Abandonment must reach a point where you stand in complete indifference to yourself. The attitude will bring you to the most wonderful point imaginable--where your will breaks free of you completely and becomes free to be joined to the will of God! You will desire only what He desires" (Jeanne Guyon "Experiencing the Depths of Christ" 35). 
I must be honest and say this: I am one to cling to what feels comfortable. To stay in a realm of familiarity--a place I have created to fill a void, controlled chaos, to be invisible. My life is as I have created it to be; and a lot of the times that means my life is (1) stressful, (2) chaotic, (3) and lonely. I choose to be that way because a lot of the times I would rather stay in one season for an extended period of time, knowing the comforts of it's familiar surroundings, rather than choose a life of reckless abandonment. Why? Because reckless abandonment means I'd be letting go of my agenda and surrendering wholly to the will of God. And I am a stubborn girl. It's hard!

Many people, like myself, cling to their own agenda. However, the key to fully resting in Christ is to surrender, but not because there's an ulterior motive. But, because we want and desire to have a thriving love story with Jesus. Sometimes loneliness can be painful. We don't want to wait. We want to fill the void at all costs. And yet, it is during this tender time that we need to lean all the more upon Christ because in Him we will find a readiness and a willingness to satisfy the cry of our hearts (Ludy 51). And even if you never get married on this earth, know that Jesus is the ultimate Bridegroom, the Lover of your soul. Its the best love story with the best cast member-Jesus Christ. He's the key to romantic fulfillment, folks!


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