it's my party || i'll cry if I want to

Hello December,

You and I are like, best buds. 

We have this secret knowledge of the inner workings of each other.

I know you like to come and go as fast as you can, while painfully slowing down for the week of Christmas, only to speed up and be on your merry way the minute the holiday season is over. 

Maybe it's because all the eggnog has you super excited for the festivities to arrive that you fly through the hours within your control, racing to get to the one day that makes life feel utterly complete and fantastic. 

And maybe...just maybe...the reason why you go so excruciatingly slow the week of Christmas is not because you want to torture me in my angst for the day to arrive, but because you know full-well my birthday is the day after, in which you'd rather me not have...either because you hate me, or think I am obviously too fabulous to get any older than the fabulous age of 22. (And I hope it's the later, of course). 

 If his is the case, we may remain friends. For we have always been good friends-minus all those years you didn't give people the memo to not wrap my birthday presents in Christmas paper. 

Yes, my birthday is a holiday!

No. It does no need gold plated, Santa faced, snowman bombed Christmas paper to make it complete and festive. 

I can do that all by myself.

I am happy.

I am fly.

I have swag. Wait. I do?! 0.O

Oh, yeah, I do. Totally.

And I am feeling twenty-two! 

December-my good and trusty pal, 'tis another year for joy and giving, loving and healing. But are you ready for another year of this festive thing and all of her insane and laughable personality? Because if you aren't, BE READY. 

I am coming with cake and ice cream. Oh, and my cake is gonna have huge silver gumballs on it. Yeah, that's right! 

I'm getting down right FESTIVE in this place. You've been invited, but warned. 

And if you or anyone plan any surprises, I am not held liable for what may happen to you. Just sayin'. 

So, my dear friend. 2014 is almost over. And before I leave and enjoy my celebratory Birthday Starbucks, I want to say THANK YOU. 

Thank you for that beautiful blast of cold air. Thank you for the warmth you bring that comes with the joy we get from giving to others rather than receiving. And most of all, THANK YOU for allowing us a perfect season of stillness to gaze upon the truest and sincerest form for this seasonal celebration--Jesus Christ. The wreath may symbolize the season in which we all celebrate for a single purpose, but that crown of thorns symbolized the reason in which so many give unto others-because His dying for us was the greatest gift He could give. Thus, we should live for Him and the people he came to save. It's the least we can do. That's the true reason for the season. Pass it on. 


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