Mission Trip 2015 {need prayers}

Ah, the life of a Starbucks addict. So much so that I have to put my Starbucks fund on a separate card-so that when I run out, I am DONE. No more spending, no more Starbucks. I am trying to do the Dave Ramsey thing here. Finances are short and I am evidently trying to put money aside for savings and my trip to France in July. (Yes, you heard right! FRANCE). 

I am actually going to France with my church to do VBS. Did you know that LESS than 2% of French people know Christ? Saddening statistics.
There is a great need for people to share their faith with the French. Less than 2% of the French population is Christian, and in some cases, there are major consequences for accepting Christ. This annual trip provides a week long VBS camp for local children that includes bible study, crafts, worship, games, and the message of Jesus Christ. Each year we see the lives of children and their parents radically changed for the gospel!-Long Hollow
At first I was planning on going to Haiti. However, as I continued to pray and pray about this opportunity to reach the lost with the love of Christ, I was led to the France Mission Trip. I would love to be able to raise all the money needed (about $3500) before July 3rd. I would like to ask for your support in funding my trip, but mostly in prayers as I believe that God will take care of my financial and spiritual needs in order to go on this mission trip to France. 

I am not only praying for donations, but for much needed prayer and encouragement, as this is my first trip overseas. And since I'd prefer to use my talents to support my fund, I have set up shop at Storenvy where I am selling Vintage/Chic items as well as crochet items and miscellaneous items. This shop is also set up to accept $10, $20, $50, and $100 donations. {If you'd like to head on over to the shop, click the picture below. Or click HERE}. 

 Lastly, I would like to provide you an excerpt about my and my vision and calling for this trip to France. {Feel free to read. I know it's lengthy}. 

I am Emily Kirk- a 20-something Christ-follower whose random ways lead her on great adventures and chance encounters with some very awesome, and not-so-awesome people. I am a Starbucks addict, part-time college student (yay, Vol State!), and a full-time preschool teacher! I am a photographer, crocheter, embroiderer, sister, daughter, and friend. 
I have never been on a mission trip. I have never had the desire-regardless of the pestering prayers for God to lead me on that path. Instead of doing missions abroad-or even somewhere else in the U.S-God chose to stick me in the path of people's lives right here in good 'ole Middle Tennessee. Here I have met incredible people who have blessed me tremendously. Some have made my heart happy, and others my heart very heavy. Regardless the situation, or the person, I have seen how God uses simple acts of kindness to plant a seed in the hearts of people-regardless their position in life, or spiritual readiness. 
While working with the elderly and the very young have been my beautiful lot in life and place of service, I have felt a shift in my heart-to take my love for Christ global. Recently, I was doing my daily devotional (which is basically a random encounter-sometimes-with whatever verse(s) God should lay upon my heart to study). And lately Matthew 25:40 has been pressed heavily on my heart. 
“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
As I read this-over and over again-I feel like Jonah. Scared to go into the unknown for fear of the unknown. I know not whether to run and hide, or stand tall and face this fear head on. 2 Timothy 1:7 states clearly that God has not given us a spitit of fear, but "gives us power, love, and self-discipline". Whoa. So with that, I believe God has called me to stand tall and forge on with a hardy faith and a spirit of love. And so I shall.
Even though I can hardly believe I am doing this, I can almost see it now-the potential to change lives-to share my passion and zeal for the Lord to those who are the least of these. Jesus calls us all to make a difference in the world. And even though I am but one person, I have a change to make a huge impact on someone's life! To inspire them to greatness; to lead them to the King that I so lovingly serve. 
I am overwhelmed by the unfolding journey that God has called me to partake in; to go on a Mission Trip overseas with Long Hollow Baptist Church. To serve alongside fellow Chrisitans in spreading the perfect Word of God!
I am excited for what God has in store for me in 2015-one of them being in the mission field. I think it pure joy to be given a chance to serve others, and love on others the way Christ has loved me. 
My heart is ready for whatever may come. I am ready and willing to follow wherever He may lead. And I am ready to love on the lost!
My hope, is that God will use my passions and talents to love those in need, as well as fuel their hearts with an exuberance for life and the Lord, Jesus Christ! Because, after all, God says to "Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples".-Psalm 96:3
So, with that, God has called my to do life BIG. And that's my plan! God came to give me life...it's time to spread my wings and fly...and without fear, I am going to do life BIG. :)
With much love and thanks, EmilyGod bless!! :)


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