//pumpkins || and why i love fall

 It's one of my favorite seasons. (And that's a legit statement). It's not because of the infamous pumpkin spice lattes, either. Actually, I could care less about having a pumpkin spice anything. I am not a fan of spicy flavors or even hot drinks, to be matter-of-fact.

What's up this pumpkin flavored drinks anyway? That's not what fall is all about. (In case you didn't know!). Sure, seasonal drinks help to enhance the mood, or whatever they're supposed to do. But, seriously! Think about it. If all you care about the seasons changing is getting your spiced latte, then you're missing out on so much...you're missing out on the beauty of God's creation and the miracles of change. 

Have you ever stopped (while in line at the Starbucks drive-through, maybe) to really ponder the beauty of God? It's a perfect time to say a little prayer of Thanksgiving, and marvel at His splendor. Yes, you can even marvel at His splendor even among brick and sidewalk and black pavement. I mean, hey, they're something to marvel about, too. Just think, without God giving us the know-how, we would have never created such things. We'd still have dirt roads and pathways, and definitely no Starbucks. 

It's amazing. It's mind blowing. 

God has created ALL of this and we take it for granted. We, a people that focus too much on the things that have no meaning, fail hard when it comes to focusing on the things that matter. Pondering the good, instead of the bad. If you and I were to go for a thirty minute and take pictures, what would we see through the lens? Would we see our worries and stresses, or would we be dramatically transformed by what we saw through the lens-the beauty that God has placed on earth for us to be in awe of and in love with? 

I ran across this saying (as I normally do when I am either on Facebook or Instagram) which does really lend a hand to what I am trying to say:
 "Don’t look at this moment without seeing God's grace in the details".
God is everywhere. He is the author of all creation. His divine plan is in everything...both in heaven and on earth. I know, for myself, I tend to get caught up in life without ever living. You can merely exist, or actually live. And doing both is not an option. One or the other. I have found that when I actually take a moment to purposefully be in awe of our Creator, I feel more alive. And with being intentional about gazing upon the miracles of life and earth, I am blessed, refreshed, and as a friend once said "feeling crispy!". 


There are days like today that truly show me the marvelous beauty that God has created at work and on display for my eyes to gaze upon in full splendor and awe. Just like it did when I went to Honeysuckle Hill Farms the other day on a field trip with my 2-year-olds, today is no different. It's just what the Doctor ordered. It really helps me to relax when I fully embrace God's grand design. 

It has been a LONG and restless week. I have done all that I could to ditch the past and start anew. To be able to start with a clean slate-for the thousandth time over, you guessed it, a guy-is so frustrating and difficult. You can't go back to the way things were before. With every new dating encounter, you are forever changed. 

However, this isn't bad! It's not necessarily good, either. 

I think there are lessons to be learned in everything we allow God to do, or even attempt to do ourselves. I am convinced that humans are stupid. Not essentially stupid in a way that insinuates that we all are mental incapable (no one is ever incapable of anything in God's power). But, when it comes to relationships, the good vs. bad, we always (even myself) tend to run back into the arms of bad relationships, or even into bad dating cycles. 

This is where CHANGE comes into play. 

Are you ready to change your patterns so that they coincide with what the Lord wants? Or are you still living off the high of the on+off dating patterns that never seem to go anywhere, but give you a buzz every time a guy shows interest, but ignores you three days later? 


It's time to change and EMBRACE it! Time to give it ALL over to the Lord and surrender our hearts, souls, problems, etc., to Him who is in control. I have a secret for you. Wanna know what it is? You are not in control. In fact, your life is so out of control, you need someone who can control it (fast) before you spiral out of control. Basically, you stink at controlling your life. Epic FAIL.

Want to know another secret? You don't want to let go of the control over your life because....you are AFRAID. And fear is a powerful thing. It will overwhelm you. It will break you. The lovely authoress, Staci Eldredge states in her book, Becoming Myself we need to move from fear to desire. She refers to the Bible passage, 1 Peter 3:3-6 about how "beauty should not come from the outward adornment". Basically, in short, she mentions that the essence of this verse is not about beauty per se, but "how to get true beauty, which is this: do not give way to fear" (108).

I'll be first to tell you, if you don't already know, that women are vulnerable creatures and are very susceptible to fear of all kinds. Staci says that the reason for this is because "we care, because we love, because in God's gracious design we are vulnerable and gloriously so" (108-109). 

Fear is the enemy. And giving it control over your life, because you're afraid of losing control, even to a mighty God, will be your demise. So, in order to change, you must let go of your fears. You MUST choose love.
And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them....There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear....The one who fears is not made perfect in love. (1 John 4:16,18).

My dear, sweet ladies, this is not rocket science. In fact it's really simple. In order to overcome fear, we need to come to our senses. What are we living for in a life built out of fear, other than merely existing? Truth is, we're not. 

But here's the deal. To break the chains to an addiction to fear, we need to give back the control to God. We need to surrender our fears over to Him. We need to choose life. Choose risk. "The only safe place for our hearts is to dive deeply into the magnificent, eternal, ridiculous, overwhelming love that God has for us" says Staci (115). The best way to change your course is to live a life of LOVE. So, what better way to do that then, as Staci puts it, to "come and be free in the love of God" (115)? 

I am on a mission to be free from fear! I fear a slew of things-from dating to death. And while all is typically inevitable, it's still scary to face head on and think about. In closing, I want to share with you a prayer from Sidewalk Prophets' song "Help Me Find It".

If there’s a road I should walk
Help me find it
If I need to be still
Give me peace for the moment
Whatever Your will
Whatever Your will
Can you help me find it Can you 
Whatever you're dealing with. Give it over to the Lord. His might can move mountains. 


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