Truth Is || Soul Mates

Truth Is-I am a huge Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan. 
(Ah! The 90s! You seriously cannot get any better than that! OK. Maybe the 80s-because the movies are so awesome. Come on...Pretty In Pink, people!).
Truth Is-I have a huge crush on  Ian Somerhalder 
(He's the hunky vampire from Vampire Diaries known as Damon Salvador. *swoon*).
Truth Is-One day I am going to have English Bull Dogs named Tank and Taco.
Truth Is-I just now realized that it was FALL!
(Apparently I need to be more observant!)


Last night I couldn't sleep. What did I do? I sat on my bed and watched reruns of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was around 9 o'clock when I stumbled upon an episode that I have never seen. It's during season 7 that Sabrina gets "married"-or does she?- to the man she thinks is The One. Apparently, in that season, episode 21, Sabrina gets her "Soul Stone", which is half of a stone etched out perfectly to provide an intricate place for the other half of that stone (belonging to her soul mate, of course) to fit into. 

I attached a small clip of the episode (the ending scene), where Sabrina bails out on her fiance because, in her heart, she knew their so-called "Soul Stones" didn't match up. Even after she tried to reconstruct the two stones to fit together, she knew that there was no way she could make a relationship work with someone her soul truly didn't love. 

It struck me this morning while driving to work that this was an awesome metaphor exemplifying the kind of love story God wants us to be ready for. God may not have these cool Soul Stones that automatically glow when they connect with the one they're meant to be with, but He does have the ultimate plan for romance. He doesn't need to give us Soul Stones when He has the clear cut plan as to who we're meant to be with. 

In the episode, Sabrina learns a lesson. She learns that she should listen to her heart. That there is something to say about being able to discern whether or not that person your with is The One. And, while it was on her wedding day when she realized that, Sabrina did make the decision to follow her heart. And she chose to ultimately go with a love that was true, and right under her nose. I love that, though! She was so obsessed with this one guy and ready to marry him, that she overlooked Harvey, whom she'd been with since the beginning. 

Sometimes we're even like that. We want a certain person so badly that we go to the extreme to get them to notice us, then often feel like we have to force ourselves to "like", even "love" that person. Sometimes it's because we feel like we owe them. Sometimes it's what we feel we deserve. Sometimes, well, we just don't care anymore. 

Sabrina represents a lot of us. Women of a modern era who struggle with their insecurities. Women who want the best the world has to offer, while overlooking the best God has to offer. Take it from me: if you're wishing upon a star that a guy as stunning as Chris Hemsworth suddenly knocks on your door and asks for your hand in marriage-you're insane and, honestly, you're living in your head WAY TOO MUCH. Get a grip. Because while you're wishing upon a star for this hunky man (who may not give two cents about you), you could potentially be missing you're humble prince who may just be an ordinary, brave, tenderhearted Steve Rogers underneath a Captain America body. Just saying. 


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