you must first accept

I rarely know what to expect out of God. Actually I never know what to expect. Other than knowing that He has a future planned for me that is greater than I can even imagine. Most of the time I am over being ordinary. Of waiting for greater. 

I have been made for greater, this I know. But as a female I often feel lacking, or I feel unsure of myself. And a lot of the time it's because I am afraid to offer my beauty to the world. Because-what if my beauty is not accepted?

When women unveil their beauty, I see it as if they are offering the world more than just a pretty face, but they are offering their hearts, their presence. 

"Beauty overwhelms us, Enchants us, fascinates us, and Calls us"-FR. Andrew Greeley
I believe that the heart of a woman-including her presence-is such a huge statement piece. It is bold, but subtle. Strong, yet delicate. If only the world knew that. Could see that. 

As the thunder culminates in the distance, I think about all the times that I felt that my beauty wasn't enough. It used to shatter my soul, the memories of such times. Even to this day things happen that have me doubting whether my beauty is sufficient. (I don't mean beauty as in an outward beauty. But an inward beauty- which I believe does affect how you view your outward beauty). 

But now...I feel it has only served to show me that not everyone can see beauty-that some have hardened their hearts to it, or have never known it. But deeply, they do...

And I have had to accept that and learn that I need to be the primary person who accepts my beauty as it is, rather than turn to others for approval and acceptance because, while offering beauty can feel risky, it should be known that before others will accept you, you must first realize that God accepts your beauty for what it truly is; and secondly-you must accept it yourself. 


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