ezer kenegdo

There is no one like the God of Jeshurun, who rides on the heavens to help you...
Blessed are you, O Israel! 
Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD? 
He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword".
-Deuteronomy 33:26, 29

I have read this verse many a time, but never cared to "understand" it until if was put into a perspective pertaining to the fact that women, too, are much like that of the way God was to Israel-a helper. God helped Israel out of many struggles and hardships along the way...

And I believe-or, at least see now-that a woman's role is perhaps very much similar. What I mean here is that  women are the "help meet" in relationships. Much like God was the help meet to Israel in Deuteronomy 33. Women are the helpers. 

Okay...so what does that mean? 

The way I see it is this: God created all women to play an irreplaceable role in a captivating life. We''re the crescendo-His final masterpiece! Whoa. What a statement. When I first heard that women were created to be the "help meet" I was kind of insulted. I thought it was a means of lowering a woman's worth. 

But as I dug deeper into the phrase I found the words ezer kenegdo. Genesis  2:18 has it mentioned: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I shall make him a [ezer kenegdo]". Translated ezer kendego means "sustainer beside him". 

I read that and am in awe. Why? Because there's more to being a woman than what I had thought. We're not wimpy, boring, or flat. While we're not literally saving lives like Christ, we are sustaining life, bearing life, nurturing life. 

We are a huge part of God's creation and it begins and ends with us. The final masterpiece! There's more to the power of being a woman than I thought. Yes! More than just boobs, a booty, and the ability to make babies and have sex. Sure, we're good at a lot of things. But I am inspired to know that I have a purposeful life-that I have been put on here to give and preserve life!

What an amazing role we play, ladies! 

We are sustainers, life-givers and life-preservers. Dang! No wonder God saw fit to make man a woman. He wouldn't have survived without us! Let alone populated the earth without us. Ha! I love, also, how our roles in life go beyond giving and preserving life! Seriously, women are more than just a rib from a man. We're the feminine side of a BIG God. Caring. Beautiful. Adventurous. Inspiring. Creative. Loving. Tender. Warriors. 

We have a beauty to unveil that is-essential to God. It's the essence of God! Beauty does a whole heck of a lot of things (here's a list):

i t . s p e a k s
Beauty is there. It surrounds us whether we choose to notice it or not. Take it or leave it, beauty speaks to us in powerful ways. When I think of how beauty speaks, I always think of my mommy. Looking at her beautiful face speaks to me in a way that is calming and reassuring..."all shall be well" her beauty says. "Do not worry. Our God is bigger than your troubles. He shall lift you up when life tears you down. Stay strong. I love you". The beauty of a woman also speaks of peace. Of rest.

i t . i n v i t e s
It invites you to come more deeply into it. (Think of a piece of your favorite music...how does it make you feel? Do you normally listen to it on repeat?) I think an inviting woman is like a piece of music. She doesn't necessarily have to be a model to be inviting. Her heart (the melody of the music) is what captivates the listener or person. I see my Aunt Shae as a picture of an inviting woman. She is full of grace, acceptance and genuine love. She's always there when I need her-even in the middle of the night. She invites with her heart, as well as her beauty. Which is why she is such a captivating woman in my book. 

i t . n o u r i s h e s 
Beauty is the type of food our soul craves. Beauty is sustaining. Literally! When I think of beauty as nourishing I honestly think of a woman breastfeeding. She is nourishing her baby with a part of her created to sustain life. 

i t . c o m f o r t s
When I think of beauty as comforting, I think of those who mourn. There are no words available in the time of mourning over a loved one to ease the pain. But beauty...beauty helps. I always wondered why there are so many flowers at funerals. They're tidbits of beauty that flourish and inspire courage to those grieving. Like I said before...sometimes beauty speaks more that actually words. Beauty comforts.

i t . t r a n s c e n d s
Beauty is eternal. Long-lasting. When I think of beauty as "transcending", I turn to nature. God has created a beautiful land for us to admire. And I think it's truly something that hits the hearts of everyone. The magic of beauty is beyond our knowledge. There is no limit to what beauty can do!

All these things are especially true about a woman, which is why I love the fact that I am given the gift of womanhood. All of these things transpire within me, as they do you! I used to think being a female was a curse. That I would be better off as a man. But after delving into the Word and finding these facts out for myself, I am truly blessed to be a woman-especially a woman of God! I was put on this earth to be a help meet, and a beauty that not only helps her man, but nourishes, sustains, comforts, transcends, and speaks truth!


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