The sky could fall
The ground could shake
The stars burn out
And seasons change
The time will pass
And beauty fade
But all my love will remain
All my love will remain
-Royal Tailor (Remain)

I write a lot about the songs I listen to and the feelings and emotions they provoke. With Royal Tailor's Remain I did just that. Except, well, I wrote about it in prayer form. From my heart to the Big God in the sky. The primary love of my life!

You're love is what will remain when all else fades. 
I can count on you to love me when no one else will.
See me when no one else will. And love me when no one seems to care.
You literally thought I was to die for, and you did so my laying your life down for me on that Cross.  
I long for an earthly love, Lord. One that doesn't require pages of a book or prayer or song. My parents, they love me. My siblings, they do, too. 
But in my longing to find love here on earth, I often forget that your's is sufficient. That your love is a HOLY love. An unending, unyielding love.
You're love for me is what took you to the grave. Whoa.
Your love is a love that I cannot readily process in my mind, because you are way too grand and glorious.
All else will fade, but you're love will remain.
I guess I need to put more weight on that fact. You really do love me to "infinity and beyond".
And I am blessed beyond measure!
Lord, I need your help on remember that your love is sufficient and long lasting. That you're all I need. 
So...I pray that you show me what love really is. What it really, truly looks like.


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