Grassmere Zoo 2013

I has so much fun yesterday at the Grassmere Zoo in Nashville. It's a semi small zoo, but packed with beauty and fun! I went there with my boyfriend to celebrate the last day of Spring Break. I don't think there could have been a better person to spend the day with, honestly. 

I drove to the zoo, with my BF in the passenger seat giving me directions. He's a hoot to be around, even when he's all serious-like. We made it to the zoo, which was a miracle on my behalf, because I had never driven so far from home before. I know, sounds awfully lame, but it's true! 

I was super excited about going to the zoo, so much so, that my BF said he was beginning to wonder about my sanity. That goofy goober! But the day was fantastic, and I had a blast with my BF.


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