You Are

Dear Lord,

You are more than just a "man up in the sky", you are more than just a spiritual presence in my life. You are more than just a book. More than just a church or a group of Christians gathered together in Your name.

Lord, you are the rising and setting sun, the waxing and waning of the moon. You are a lover and a fighter. A mighty physician. Someone to be fearful of, but totally enamored by Your glory. You are the air I breathe in with each ebb and flow of my chest. The hope I seek with each tear I cry and prayer I say. You are the light. The healing. The song I am singing loudly-proclaiming the mightiness of Your Beautiful, sound, just and worthy name. 

When my voice fails me, and I lack the words to praise Your Holy name, I would dance for you with fierce devotion and delight. And, as I choke back the tears, I am truly amazed at how much love and care You took to create in me a clean heart O, God! That You took the time to mold me and make me, to allow me to bend, but never break. That you would love me so much as to allow trials and tribulations to pass my way, so that my faith and perseverance and dependency upon you may grow and blossom. 

You are more than a voice in my head. More than a song I sing, or the words I speak. You are the simplest, but mightiest of things: a hand-print, a smile, a flicker of light in someone's longing, hurting heart. You are a father, redeemer, lover, hope, justice, peace. 

You are my God. My love. My joy. My hope. My stronghold. My strength when I am weak. You are worthy of praise. You are....


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