Happy Valentines Day!

Yep, I am back! After some medical issues post Renfrew, I am back to posting more encouraging posts, as well as photos for you all! Before I head into my post on Valentines day, I want to just update you all. 

I know I have been gone for a while. Much too long, in fact. I, honestly, relapsed in my eating disorder recovery and wasn't feeling up to posting like I used to, because I felt like an utter failure and not apt to produce encouraging posts. And I didn't feel like someone so "broken" would be capable, or, was worthy of posting to you girls. 

So there's that. I also had a hard time adjusting to new medications that I was put on to help with my general anxiety and Bipolar. That was such a seriously warped time for me last year. My grades in college suffered because of the medication issues, and I was so freaked out half the time I was practically a slave to fear.

There you have it. The update. :)


So, today is Valentines day. The day most people celebrate with their loved ones to show how much they appreciate each other. Flowers. Candy. Candle-lit dinners. Teddy Bears. Romantic Hallmark movies. Walks in the dark. Fireside romance. The typical Valentines day routine. 

I have never been one for Valentines day simply because I was peeved at the thought process that this was the one day people can appreciate each other with presents and flowers. I never understood why people stuck to this holiday to show their devotion and love for one another, when everyday should be one where couples let each other know how much they're loved and appreciated. 

I also never cared for Valentines day because I never had anyone to spend it with. Yeah, my dad used to buy us candy, flowers, and teddy bears. But it just wasn't the same, you know? I grew up knowing what Valentines day was all about. But I also believed that it was more significant if there was a couple wholly in love with one another involved....not just my dad (he is a really good man, but at a certain age you want a guy to call your own on Valentines day). 

I have been waiting 20 years to spend it with someone, and it's taken that special someone that long to come along and find me. While I have never been one for Valentines day, I am willing to go along with this holiday to see what comes of it. I know that the guy I am with is special, so I want to spend the day with him. We see each other tomorrow (when we're going to "celebrate" the holiday), and I don't want my stereotypical way of thinking about this holiday to tag along. So I am going to put my thoughts about Valentines day away, and hopefully develop new ones, due to the fact that I actually have a Valentines this year!!!!!!

Lucky me!


  1. I'm really happy that you're feeling better and posting again :D it means a lot. And it's good to hear you've found someone to make you smile even on "dumb hollidays" haha
    take care, I'm praying for you


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