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Normally I listen to Christian music. But lately I have branched out and have added some more questionably artists to my iPod collection. Not that the lyrics are icky or that the meaning is immoral; mainly the artists and the songs they're known for. 

Usher. The Script. OneRepublic. Tio Cruiz. Ke$ha. Lady Gaga. That's what's questionable. 

While I am not particularly into either of these names artists, I have found one or two songs of theirs that I either use when I workout or am writing and doing school. And before I ever add any songs to my iPod library I run them by my brother (who has an amazing gift as discerning music and the lyrics, as well as the meaning behind them) and discuss with him. 

Sometimes he catches words that I wouldn't normally (bad words) and he'll advise me against that: "You might not understand the words" he'd say, "but they will get into your head just the same. Words have a way of transforming you."

With that advice, how could I buy a song that has words that are filthy? Um...I am guilty. Sometimes I don't care about the lyrics because I like the beat. But I know that is, not exactly wrong, but very worshipful for me as a daughter of the King, because what you put into your body and spirit is what exudes from you. 

Searching for music has become harder and harder to do outside of the Christian realm. And it's disappointing. Especially for someone like me who loves a variety of music. should see me library. It's rather extensive! 

I have actually had to go back though my music library and delete many of the songs on there because I felt in my heart they were not at all what I should be listening to in order to obtain a heart like Christ. I have deleted my entire album of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha and Usher and Tio Cruiz. Even some rap, heavy metal and hard-core rock. Sad days, but I have since found Christian alternatives like Superchick, Plum, Luminate, always the amazing Newsboys, Toby Mac, Beckah Shae, and much more. 

My brother who likes rap and heavy metal as well has found superb alternatives. They are amazing singers and song writers that express their love for Christ a little differently, but are reflective of what God has done for us all. They embrace Him through music to reach others whose preference in music may only be drawn to rap or heavy metal. Which is so cool!

I am not against secular music, per se. But I don't agree with listening to every single song out there just because it's cool or new or because everyone else has it on their iPod. If its what you want to listen to, cool. I am not saying don't. I am saying to check your heart. Is the song you are listening to holy in the eyes of God and bring praise to his name? Or does it defile the very essence of what he stands for? Will it purify your heart or uplift it in a beautiful harmony meant to lift up His holy name?

Like I's your choice. I made mine by getting rid of all the bad influences on my iPod and even on the radio. But while I have gotten rid of a lot, I still have a few that I feel are okay to keep. Just always bare in mind that God wants us to put into our hearts and minds with is pure and holy. What we listen to and see ultimately comes out in our words and our actions. 

(these girls below have a great video peppered with scripture to back up why we, as Christians, should not listen to unclean music. Take a look!)


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