Metamorphosis (Life of a Girl)

I. Cocoon

We struggle in the dark places.

Bones break.

Wings form underneath the skin,

rip through the back.

We transform in the warmth

of a folded leaf -

always in agony,

always quiet.

II. Transition

A tiny light grows.

The dark gives way to the sun

and the wings unfold -

still weak,

still unsure.

Then we move in a new way.

Once we crawled on our bellies,

now we fly above the flowers.

III. Weathered

Our wings are strong for a long time,

but the days are stronger.

We live and let go

and go back to that place of quiet darkness,

only this time,

not in agony.

The wings fold in -

a cocoon of color,

and that is where we say



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