This is Meadow! Isn't she cute? I am so excited to finally have her home and about ready to release into the home. I am waiting on that, though. Only because I still have to take her to the vet. She's been on lock-down for a while, due to the fact that I wanted to make sure she was acclimated into the home and the sounds and that she wasn't sick. I am getting her scheduled for the vet. All her kitty shots and stuff she'll have to go through, but I am OK with that as long as I am not going to the vet to have to put her down. Which I won't! Thank God! She's been such a stinker and so frisky, too. I wish you all could see her and hold her, but I'll hold her for you! ;P


  1. Congrats! Hurray! She's so cute! :)

  2. :D Awe, thanks guys! I am so excited that she's here. It's been too long of a wait.

    Love ya!



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