Lost. That is what I feel right now.  Lost as to what to post here on this here my blog. No longer to I have this nagging desire to post. I am not sure even what to post anymore, because nothing grabs my attention and urgency like it used to. Almost, maybe, it's like I have gone into a deep slumber with a period of time where nothing from within is meant to ooze forth any great meaning, other than to sit quietly and breathe in God's teachings and blessings. That has to be it, I suppose.It must be that I am at a time in my life where blogging doesn't give me that same rush of satisfaction, nor that same sense of hope and gratification. My bank is empty. There's no more inspiration to dig through. No more within my spirit to produce a meaningful post worthy of readers. And if this is so, then I cannot stand here and allow myself to continue to write bland, tasteless, and empty posts for those of you who are my faithful readers. I feel like I am broken and worthless. I need a rest, in hopes that the rest will rejuvenate my desire and love of blogging.But, until then. I bid you all a fair adieu. 


  1. Oh, Emily, I will miss you, but I also understand the need for a break, to rest and gather inspiration. I hope to see you back in the blogosphere sometime in the near future. But until than, God bless!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you take a break from blogging.
    I am no stranger to the exact feeling you've described.
    Just remember, you are a living story; don't give up.

    blessings & prayers

  3. I understand how you're feeling. I've felt that so many times before. Life gets in the way, or the desire is gone.... It's ok to move on from things, or take a break, in order to see what else God has in store for you. Keep your head up!

    God bless,


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