ED's Devos: Banner of Love

On the radio I ran across a new Christian band that I have never heard from before. Their name was Luminate. <-- (what an awesome band name)! Anyway...the other day, not knowing they were going to be there, I was surprised when I saw Luminate in concert with Building 429 and Newsboys, along with Grace Cummings at the God's Not Dead Tour at Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN. The whole night was filled with uplifting, fulfilling music that lifted the spirits and opened the hearts to a flood of love and an ambient surge to spread that love. 

One song that stuck out to me during the concert was one song of Luminate's that I fell in LOVE with on the radio: Banner Of Love. I love the message of that song and how, yes, God does call everyone of us to be that Banner of love to those who need to know there are those out there who love them as much as God loves them. And that it is our calling to show them God's love. 

During my time with my eating disorder it was all about me. I could have cared less to love others because I didn't feel that anyone loved me. I was too broken and unworthy of such love that I didn't feel capable of receiving it, let alone giving it. 

But even then I had a burning desire to love. I just didn't know how to do that because my eating disorder, that selfish inducing monster inside of me, disabled that ability. And to this day it is still a struggle to find the time or the energy to love on others because I am still trying to find and give love to myself after all the crazy hardships I put it through. 

Yet, it gets easier after pursuing God and allowing him to carry our burdens for us instead of us doing it all alone. In John God says to believers that: "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (Ch.13 V.35). Easier said than done. But if you work on it, pray, have faith, and delve into the Word, the easier it does become to show and give love to others. But in order to do that, we as humans much first deal with ourselves and selfishness and dig that plank of judgment out of our eyes before that love we have welling up inside of us can flow freely. 

I have never felt this much love flow through me before ED came into my life. I guess he was a good thing, for a matter of being able to see that during my tough seasons there are those that will stick with me through thick and thin; and it also showed me that God is not dead and that He is alive and living in me, and healing me and my slivered heart. 

There is the ability to love in everyone of us-to be that Banner Of Love. We just have to have guidance and trust in God for all our needs. Rely on Him for everything and allow Him to fill us with His holy love, as well as allowing others to show us the same love God has shown them. 


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