the weather

The weather is beast today! Rain, thunder, lightning. Tornado warnings are everywhere. I am nervous. I am in awe. God is blessing this ground with rain. He is showing us His power. I love when it storms. :)

Dot a dot dot   dot a dot dot
Spotting the windowpane.
Spack a spack speck   flick a flack fleck
Freckling the windowpane.

A spatter a scatter   a wet cat a clatter
A splatter a rumble outside.
Umbrella umbrella umbrella umbrella
Bumbershoot barrel of rain.

Slosh a galosh   slosh a galosh
Slither and slather and glide
A puddle a jump a puddle a jump
A puddle a jump puddle splosh
A juddle a pump a luddle a dump a
Puddmuddle jump in and slide!

-Eve Merriam


  1. yes! i was just reminiscing in the thunderstorms i got to witness this summer.. its something so beautiful, isn't it; that feeling of being so small and being in the middle of something way beyond yourself... anyway, i just found your post so relatable!:)

    1. I absolutely love storms! The storms this summer have been big and surprising. Love feeling small in the midst of a great storm.


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