My dad and mom are thinking about building on another bedroom so that my brother can move into it. That is, my brother will get the new addition while my sister takes his old room, and leaves me to myself in my own room!

Nothing has happened yet. Just some ideas being spoken here and there, and a little penciled map of what it might look like once done, and some calculations and configurations. But aside from that, nothing is set-in-stone as of yet.

Although, my mom really wants it to start so we're all happy and living peacefully in our own rooms out of each other's hair for a while. It'll give us a chance to be full adults and not still children living in the same room together. And it'll be kind of like a Christmas present-so she says-to us all! I sincerely hope this happens soon!

Anyway, I have already been thinking of how I would like for my room to look in the future when I do live in it by myself. It will be magical and my own place to think, write, and compose new worlds and characters. I cannot wait I am so beside myself. :D

1. I love color. So I want to have a white or light gray or a soft sandy beige wall with a lot of color splashed into the decor.

2. I would love for the room arrangement to look sophisticated, but not too old or frumpy, or not like me at all!

3. I want the bedding to be fun.

4. And lots of accessories!

6. But most of all, I just want it to reflect me. Fun. Colorful. Lively. Thoughtful. Analytic. Creative. Organic. And most of all...ME! So whatever it turns out to look like, I can guarantee you it will be 100% authentic Emily Shae. Bold. Exciting. Expressive. And Green!


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