miscellany Monday #5

>> I have grown to rather love the coming of a Monday. I take it as meaning that (Mon= my) means that Monday is my day. My day to breathe. My day to live. My day to laugh. My day to sing. My day to smile. My day to enjoy good company. My day to love. My day to hope. My day to praise the Almighty God again and again for all He has allowed me to do, and has given me!

>> I just want to give a HUGE shout out to all my amazing 186 followers! You guys are amazing and the reason I write my thoughts, ideas, daily happenings, and cute findings every week! Keep smiling and being the beautiful, wonderful people you are! :D

>> I just put in a deposit for my new kitten yesterday afternoon! Sweet Meadow-which is what I am going to call her-will be ready in October! She was so small when I saw her and got to hold her. I was about to cry with joy on the way home, even. It's just amazing how all the events since my Snowbell died came to fruition and God is allowing me to experience the love of another Angel! (You all will have to wait for pictures!)

>> On some days, when I am doing college work, I sincerely miss being home-schooled and a little kid. I loved being a kid and not having any worry in the world. It was all on my parents-the worry and fear. I was oblivious to it. Now I am not. I worry. I fear. But it's a new season of life for my that is even better and more exciting than the season when I was a kid. I am almost 20, and can't wait to see what God has coming up next for me to discover. 

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