Have you forgotten?

Is 9/11 a day you remember, or is it a faint glimpse of a partial memory that once happened a long time ago? Have you forgotten what happened that day? Our Nation was under fire, and her people caught up in a terrible storm of smoke and fire; men dying to save lives, people screaming and crying in terror after their loved ones. 

It seems forever since it happened. But today we must take a time to pause and reflect on the memory of those that lost their lives today, some 12 years ago. Can you believe the years that have flown by since this tragedy happened? And yet we treat this day as a day like every other day.

I, for one, am thankful for being alive and having the ability to talk about this with you all. To mourn the loss of our country men and women who were bold and brave on a day that was marked with a gravity of severe graveness.

We don't always understand why bad things happen. Or why God allows them to happen. But we have to make a choice and choose to believe that bad things that happen has some good to it that is bound to follow. I don't know what the bit of good it or was for those individuals who lost loved ones, but i pray that they were blessed by God's love during that time...even today as they remember and grieve still. 


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