Fiction Friday: Becca: Chapter One

Chapter One
(Do Not Copy)

Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone says loudly. Becca wipes her sleepy eyes and blows a small frizzled strand of hair off her nose. She looks at her retro red alarm clock and moans. It's 3:00 in the morning! She thinks, coming up slightly on her elbows, using her hands to pull back her dark hair before letting it fall. Becca frumps into her pillow burring her face deep in the silky fabric containing thousands of down-feathers.
            Mustering up enough strength through her grogginess, Becca turns over in her bed. She spots Melanie, her sister, awake and dressed. She has already answers the phone, handling it with great concern, careful not to wake her sister. Becca lies in her bed inaudibly still, knowing Melanie thinks she’s sleeping in the bed beside her. Eyeing her sister closely as she whispers into the phone, Becca strains to hear, her bed covers muffling the sound of her sister’s voice. She notes that Melanie is acting funny, peering over her shoulder now-and-again to look at Becca who still appears to be asleep.
            What is she up to? Becca wonders. It was strange for Melanie to be receiving calls so early in the morning. But Becca never thought Melanie less than capable of doing whatever she wanted to, regardless of curfew limits, parental guidelines, or the whole idea of respecting others. Melanie, unlike Becca, was self-absorbed and in many ways impervious. Not normally to this degree, though.
            Becca, having enough to do with Melanie's unusual ways, turned her body around in her bed and tried again to fall asleep, only to hear more  whispers come from her sister, still broken by moments of muffled tones.
            "I need you to do that for's best this way....don't argue....look, this is the way I want to do it,, if I wanted your opinion I would have asked for it.... shh."
            It wasn't easy to understand what all was being said, but during the one-sided conversation, Becca did hear her name being mentioned more than once, and something about Melanie's guy-friend Kenneth—whom Becca regarded as Melanie's bug-eyed puppy—in the mix as well. And sometimes both their names were mentioned in the same sentence.
            Becca didn't like or understand the early morning phone call, or what it would mean. She paid no attention to it. She left the conversation as it was, but turned around once more, after hearing the phone click and the room fall silent, to find her sister was gone. Vanished, or rather, sneaked out the window into the form her plan, Becca guessed. Whatever that is! She scoffed. What that was, however, Becca would not find out until a month later when strange things began to happen to her body, and a relationship began to form that she never thought to be real. 


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