What should I call him?

You all are sort of familiar with this guy, right? He was my very first kitty and we both had a bond that was water tight. But now he has passed and, while that bond remains strong, the heart strings still hurt from the detachment. However, after loosing about a month's worth of sleep and praying non-stop, God has blessed me yet again with an answered prayer! I am continually amazed by the wonders of my God and King. 

You see this little guy here? Well, he's going to be just like the one above. He's a 2 week old male Himalayan. And the best part is...he's a blue point and has a doll face! <--not the flat face. That's exactly like my Snowbell (1st photo).

I had been searching for ever trying to find a breeder close enough that also had the look and breed I was going for. Most of the breeders were into the exotic face or wanted a whole lot of money. And with my pathetic salary, I couldn't afford that.

But one night while searching, the thought crossed my mind to try Craigslist. I ended up finding a small breeder that specialized in Persians and Himalayan cats. I got really excited and started praying harder than ever after finding out she produced traditional faced kittens (doll face or traditional don't have smooshed faces).

I emailed the breeder ASAP after going to the link she'd posted on her ad. It led me to her Facebook page of all places! We talked and then she told me that she only had two kittens left, and that people were coming to look for them on the weekend.

I was so bummed. I asked if the breeder had anymore litters coming up this year, but was told that the litter I was looking at was to be the last of the year. I was mad, frustrated, sad. I had come so close, but yet again had met a brick wall.

A few hours later, the breeder messaged me on Facebook at 10:00pm and told me that she had a kitten available-a blue point male. He was from a different litter and the breeders sister was unable to get the kitten due to personal reasons.

So this little guy was up for grabs. I shot her a message saying "I'll take him!" at a little past 11:00pm. And with much excitement ans anticipation, I sent in the deposit and am awaiting the day when he's old enough to come home with me!

God is good. So good, in fact, he sent me exactly what I wanted. I am so blessed and majorly excited and amazed at the marvelous love of Christ! I am so overwhelmed that I could burst out into songs of laughter and happy tears.

Now the only hard part is going to be the name.

What do you guys think I should call him?


  1. I'm horrible when it comes to names. :P But that kitten is soooo adorable! I'm so glad God is giving you a small blessing in return for the one that passed.

  2. He is so cute! Congrats Emily! :) I've never been very good with names. I can't think of any right now, but if I think of something I'll let you know!

  3. Ow... My cat is now 16 years old, and I know I'm going to be a mess when he's gone. But God is so good, and your new kitten is adorable! Soo sweet!!!

    Names... over the years we've had Kitty (imaginative, I know...), Comfy, Cozy, Sweetie, Sugar, Candy, and Tux, Lucy, Giselle, and Jetty, as in Jet Black... very random. :D Plus a bunch of kittens, all of which we named more random things. I don't think I can really help there, LOL.

    You'll have to post more pictures when you actually get him and tell us what name you found! :)

  4. oh what a little cutie!! I'm sure you came up with a fabulous name for the little guy :) and I hope you enjoy him!

    <3 Amy

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