Random Musings // Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

It's been a rough few days lately. I got into a minor fender bender on Sunday after Church and have been a nervous wreck ever since. Not good!

I went to my therapist today and we talked a lot about feeling our Love Bank, and that at some point in our lives, families stop providing us with all the fulfilling love that we need. When that happens, it's time to branch out and find other sources of love to draw from, because the family will not give all that we'ere looking for like it used to. So we have to get our needs met by others who have a relativity full Love Bank. And if our banks are empty or slightly less than full, then before we can share our love with someone in dire need, we must first get our love needs met so we can then share an adequate and sincere amount of love with those that are hurting; and with those that have never had anyone take the time to fill their Love Bank with genuine sincerity.

So that was a pretty interesting conversation I had with the therapist. I never thought of my heart as a Love Bank, but with some of the feelings I have been experiencing lately, it's not hard to believe.

Also, I have a Psychiatric appointment tomorrow. No, I am not crazy or mentally ill. My therapist is just wanting me to go and get evaluated for my extreme anxiety and "Manic Depressive" symptoms that she believes is in the way of a full ED recovery. And I am willing to do whatever at this moment to break this cycle and live.

Oh! Guess what? I have two new pictures of my newest addition! He's not home with me yet, but I am so ready for him to be. Haven't decided on a name yet. It's killing me, not knowing what to call him. But I suppose I will have to wait to meet him in order to really know what to call him. Leaning towards Bilbo, Mojo or something similar to Snowbell.... Right now he's just my Little Buddy!

I hope to have more in depth posts up here sometime soon, as well as more ED's Devos. But right now I am in the process of taking care of myself, getting ready for my new kitty, finding a job, and starting school back up. What a crazy fall I am going to be having. Hope your summer was a blast and that you all enjoy school. ^.^


Linking up with The Vintage Apple for a little bit of Wednesday fun to help get over that weekday hump. O.O

Smart kid. Sometimes that is the truth!

At least one room in my house is going to look like this! ^^

I need to start leaving myself these kind of reminders. Would be such a boost during the day.

Can I magically poof these boosts into existence?

Oh, my stars! How cute!


That's all! Have a great rest of the week, and an awesome Wednesday Night!


  1. LOL that last picture... XD

    Aww, your kitty... so cute! I think Snowbell is an adorable name, too. We also had kittens named Snowflake and Snowball... ;D

  2. Your kitten is so adorable! And that last picture...so, so true! haha. :)


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