pinteresting wednesday

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 I want to live in a Tipi. Do people still do that?

 Totally! Better believe it. :D

Happy Birthday new day! Welcome to the present! I'll be glad when you pass, though. But don't leave too quickly. ;p
Hmmm. I think I need to hit up Goodwill and scout out some over sized sweaters for this fall! I am drooling over this one. lol

 Yep, that's my list! ^^

 Doing this today! I hope I get it right.

 Can it snow now?And can everything look like this while it happens? ^^

My living room dream! Color, patterns, crazy uniqueness! Whoa. 

Blowing you buttercups, daises, and sunscreen! <--can you blow sunscreen? Spray it, maybe!

Have a bright Wednesday!!!!!!


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