miscellany Monday #4

Guess what day it is...Miscellany Monday! Yep, that's what to day is-the day where randomosity is insanely... awesome. :D What are you doing today that's random and awesome? I am studying school and dancing to Owl City and eating peanut butter for breakfast. Haha!

I am super excited about my kitten, but also sad. So it's a bitter-sweet moment for me. My kitten was, well, put back up for sale after I asked the breeder to wait another week. And well, I am not getting the kitten you all have seen pictures of. :/ I am getting a kitten though, just not from the same breeder. Actually, the breeder lives about 35 minutes from my house. And guess what...I AM EXCITED! I am going to pick a kitten out Saturday and it's going to be a female. I am naming her Meadow...full name is Sweet Meadow, nickname "Miss Doe".

Below are some Ipod snapshots of Friday night's football game that I went to. Got to support my home school football team! Go ROYALS! -->>

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


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