miscellany Monday #3

So it's miscellany Monday again! Time for another random installation of miscellany musings from moi! 
I had such an exciting week last week and I want to share it with you so badly! You will never guess what I got to do, but I am so blessed! God is truly amazing and has blessed me with so many rainbow promises! 

 1. While there is an odd looking older man in the background, but brother is here smiling at some of my dad's interesting rhymes about the waiter who was waiting on us last night at Cracker Barrel. Granted he was in a good mood and all, but when you're hungry, you start doing things to take your mind off of that fact. lol So that's what my brother looked like most of the time, smiling at my dad's silliness... and looking at mom to make sure she was laughing too!

 2. That polish has been on my toes since May. I think my toes are so cute. Everyone I meet always tells me I should be a foot model because I have "perfect feet". But I am not so sure about that! They're just feet to me. I can't help it if they're feet people are jealous of. ;p Ha!

 3. I got a job Monday, though it's only until the 24th of this month, at my local college bookstore. I am the cashier there.It's so much fun and I love the challenge checking people out presents to me! So much to remember and you're constantly occupied with something to do! This has helped so much with my eating disorder, because I have something else to focus on. but that makes me scared for what'll happen when the job is no longer there.

Oh....but I do have an interview with Cracker Barrel Tuesday at 1:00pm. Please pray!

4. My kitten will be able to come home with me next week! I am dubber excited about being able to cuddle with that fat little munchkin and figure out his name in the process. Leaning towards Figaro, but then I might go with Bilbo, Buddy, or Snowflake.

 5. This week is going to be WILD! The bookstore is going to be packed with student financial aid this week and everyone that's procrastinated or waited for the finance aid is going to bombard the registers with their orders! I am so excited. Because I have had to share the cash register with another trainee, I now get my own, which is so much fun! Can't wait until 8:00 this morning. :D

6. Gummies are my favorite snack, but now I can't have them as often as I would like. I was diagnosed with Bipolar last week and since then I have been getting used to my medicines-Abilify and Prozac. God has been good to me because now I know what part of my eating disorder problem is. Turns out that the two go hand-in-hand. Weird, huh? 

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


  1. Congrats on getting a job at the bookstore! And I'll pray for you about the other one at Cracker Barrel! :)

    1. Hey Shelley!
      Thanks so much for the prayers. I appreciate them! ^^

  2. Praying for your interview! :) And looking forward to more pictures of your kitten... Oooh, Figaro is super cute... :D


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