Loki of Asgard

Is anyone else as in love with Loki as I am, aka: Tom Hiddleston. I fell in love with him, both Loki and Hiddleston himself after watching the movie Thor: God of Thunder. there's something intriguing about a devilish, sinister, evil, sneaky character that wears black and green that interests me completely in every sense of the word!

I find his eyes to be the most captivating feature. But the contrast with his dark hair and light skin, and those strong, predominant facial features is really striking. Okay, so I am drooling over a fictional character, but the real guy is just as good. I know bad guys mean bad business, and Loki is no exception. But sometimes it's fun to like the bad guy. Makes me feel adventurous! lol

Is it just me or is it hard not to think this guy is cute? So hard not to! 

Welp, that's was my Hiddleston/Loki rant for the day. My new fascination. :D

[hugs and kisses and rainbows]


  1. That's not so bad, and anyways, sometimes the evil characters need a little love too! :)

  2. He's cute for sure :). I'm more of a Thor kinda girl though ;)

  3. Oh my word! Finally, I found someone else! Everyone thinks I’m weird for loving Loki, I’m so glad to have found you.;) In my opinion he’s better than Thor.

  4. I really liked Loki! Everyone was like, "You're crazy!" But I think the actor portrayed the character perfectly. He didn't need to be buff and strong because he was cunning and downright good looking. Haha. I totally agree with you. (:



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