in it, not of it

When you think of a community, what readily comes to mind? Where I live, the town is small. Everyone knows your business; and there's usually a very tight-knit group of people that go to church together, or hang out at the local watering hole (which would be our local Sonic). I guess you could call it a click, but really they're together because they share a common interest, or go to work together, go to the same school, or even grew up in the same neighborhood.

My town is centered around family. There are a lot of families in my town, and a lot of little kids that will one day have a family of theirs too. It's funny how most churches like to focus on-out-of-the-country missions when there are so many hurting people needing Christ right in our own small towns. My church is centered on Haiti missions, which I am not opposed to, but it makes me wonder what they're doing to disciple those in their own community?

If we are in the world, but not of it, then why do we always preach that we are to do the opposite of what the world is doing? If the world is going outside of the U.S borders to preach the Word, why aren't we doing the opposite and sharing the Word right here in out home towns? Not to say that all churches ignore their communities. I know some that are solely focused on them. But churches like mine irritate me when every Sunday morning the message somehow integrates Haiti or other countries into the picture. We are called up and called out to be in this world to share God's message. But why do we ignore those closest to us? Why is there such a push for overseas missions?

Maybe these are my own thoughts that I needs to come to terms with; but I can honestly say that the more and more I hear about overseas missions-which I am not discrediting by any means. For some people, God has called them to specifically do that. But for those that are not, they do it because everyone else does. It's not because they feel led, but because they feel they have to-the more I get discouraged, the more I see the pain in this country, and a hunger that yearns for a truth that is sincere and patient and abounding in love.

If we are giving people overseas love and hope and a faith that is solid, I think we should do the same here in the U.S. I am not advocating we give up overseas missions, because God does use them for His divine purpose. But let us not take our own home towns for granted and leave them searching for a Higher Power, only to find the wrong one.


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