And so the Saga continues

Today was relatively good. Got up and did the normal things I usually do, and then headed out the door with my mom and brother to the Mennonites that live close by in Kentucky. I always have loved the experience of going to the Mennonites and watching them in their "habitat". They're regular people like us, but the way they choose to do things is a striking contrast. Their life is hard, but peaceful. They have no distractions as far as the media is concerned. They're close-knit and very religious. They're not always so sure of the English, but when they do warm up, they are the sweetest, jolliest people you'll ever meet!

My mom, brother, and I went there this morning to get some tomatoes to make into tomato juice, some squash for dinner, and then to get some canning flats for the jars. Can't quite can without lids! That would be a messy ordeal to have to clean up afterwards. And an even smellier one if allowed to spoil. But I don't have to worry about that, so I am good!

Went to my therapist session today that was actually scheduled for tomorrow. I thought today was Tuesday for some reason, so I drive myself there thinking my appointment was today, only to find out that it wasn't. Haha! Good thing the guy that was supposed to have that appointment time wasn't there, so I got to take his slot and have my session early! A divine intervention from God, for sure! It's really nice to have someone to talk to that can help you think through your thoughts and help you make sense of them. 

Oh, and I seem to be really good at making up new words. And today is no exception, as well as yesterday and the day before. I am really wracking up a lot of words-almost enough to write my own dictionary. Okay, maybe not...

"There's a new Spooferman coming out!"-Me  <--I meant to say Superman! lol


"I love washing myself with my Blove Bar!"-Me <--I meant to say Dove bar! Ha!

My mom also came up with a funny word last week. We were talking about fish for some odd reason and she said something and then said something else and vuala the word FLISH was born. I don't know if that's a real word-probably not-but I about died laughing. Oh, it's awesomely entertaining when your mom is suffering from the lack of sleep. ;p

Here are some new photos I took recently of my cat Yoder. They're not the best, but might be interesting. (Warning, there may be a photo overload). \O/
This is Yoda, otherwise known as Yoder. 
Oh, gees! Um, did I mention he's not the least bit shy?!


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