London Olympics 2012

The All-American favorite-sports. To watch all of the sports we Americans participate in condensed into one location in contrast to other countries that we are to compete with is very exciting. The Olympics is an age-old tradition, but something many of us still look forward to watching on TV or live every four years. It's almost as exciting as the Presidential Elections and seeing who comes out on top!

I am watching the beginning of the 2012 Olympics at 6:30 tonight on NBC. I most definitely will be following Gymnastics, Swimming, Diving, Judo, and Taekwando. I am an avid fan of water sports and well as Martial Arts, so I am so thrilled to be watching them this year! Michael Phelps is my all-time favorite male swimmer and I have yet to pick my favorite Martial Artist and Gymnast out of the bunch. I can tell you one thing, though. I will be routing for U.S.A! Part of me wishes American Football was an Olympic sport. Nothing says an All-American good time like watching Football! 

Watching the Olympics is big in my house. Do you all plan on watching the 2012 Olympics this year? 


  1. My favorite is Gymnastics !!

  2. I've never really followed any of the Olympic sport competitions in the past, though I might watch a bit this year. I did catch the opening ceremony which was pretty cool! :)


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