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To know that there are other girls out there struggling to love themselves in the way they were created to be by Christ is comforting. But, it's also very disconcerting that Satin could ensnare so many women to feel so little about themselves.

I'm currently re-reading 'Captivating' by Stacey Eldridge and it's amazing the lies Satin pulls us into and would have us believe because we are a threat to him. Women are so influential and when all of us are inactive, then a lot of our influence dies with our courage and strength. We were born captivating, and Satin above all, would rather us not see that. Because if we did, there's no telling what would happen!


  1. I thought you might like this... I hope you do..

    Art in My Eyes
    (verse 1)
    why do you listen to the voices
    that say not to consume?
    why do you hear them when
    they dizzy the room?
    why do you read those words
    when all they spell is doom?
    (chorus 1&2)
    self condemned to death you rot in your tomb
    full of self-hate, soaked in gloom
    But why? your art in my eyes
    fortunes come and fortunes go
    But you were always my treasure to behold
    I don't know why they tell you these lies
    but you're art in my eyes
    (verse 2)
    so you sit at the table
    ready to eat but still you have trouble
    looking past their deceit
    when will you understand
    your not here to please man.
    but this world confuses you into believing lies
    that aren't true you're...

    lost now, just stay there I'm coming for you
    and you will see that my word is true
    you're made in my own image, a prefect design, a masterpiece,
    with a beauty that stands the test of time
    for you are art in my eyes

    (3rd chorus)
    set free from death
    you can't hear the words that say doom
    away from all who tell you don't consume
    you come to realize
    your art in my eyes
    fortunes come and fortunes go
    but you are my treasure
    I protect you from foes
    rid yourself from all compromise
    cause you are art in my eyes

  2. That is a really good video! It's so true, we're in an ongoing spiritual battle and we have to prepare ourselves with the armor of God. I like how she talked about uprooting the lies and replacing them with God's word. Thanks for sharing! :)


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