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With life being a constant boiling pot of stresses and potential triggers, you can expect people to get a little unnerved-even angry. Oh, especially angry. But is it okay to get angry? I mean, if it were okay to be angry, then why does everyone treat it as if it were a cardinal sin? Being angry is an emotion, right? Then why is it that this "emotion" is scorned and frowned upon? Why can we not express this emotion without being looked down on for reacting the "wrong" way? 

This is how I often think when I am told to keep quiet when others are tired of me expressing myself. I am usually angry. I don't know how to be anything else but angry right now. And when I try to express myself in a calm manner, the anger inside just bubbles over. It's not that I am acting inappropriately or discourteously; it's just because I have let my emotions fume inside for so long. 

I have come to believe that most people don't want to deal with that emotion. Anger is a scary emotion to be exposed to. No one wants to be on the receiving end of someone's wrath. And while it may not even be directed towards them, the very idea of having to listen to someone rant and rave isn't all lightning bugs and sunshine. Believe me!

So, like most, people would rather walk away and let you smolder in your anger than listen and understand where that anger is coming from. At the moment anger is the only way to express yourself. It's like playing a game to see whose turn it is to make an appearance- Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? 

When trying to be contentious of myself and my behavior during my disordered moods, I notice that when I am at a moment of relative calmness, I am more timid and reserved and afraid. People around me think that this is the best time to ask me questions concerning my disorder. Wrong! It's a well-known fact that when asked a question I don't feel like answering, you're likely to get Mr. Hyde. But, I have noticed that whether I am in a good mood or people are timidly asking questions, it doesn't exactly help me when I am struggling express my feelings. When trying to express myself clearly and calmly, nothing at this point can avert the disastrous outburst of rage that leaves me feeling communicatively crippled. 


Today's Scripture
“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength."Isaiah 30:15 NIV 
A lot of this anger, I come to find is due to feeling a sense of imbalance in my spiritual life. When life gives you Lemons make Lemonade, right? So when all life's demands become stressful, then we need what's called "quite time". 

Living Free says that "being quiet in God's presence will supply confidence. He can help us control our anger as we let him provide strength to deal with difficult people and situations. Quiet time with God will help us be calm rather than lashing out in anger. His strength will help us overcome self and sin."

So, like me, the next time you feel overcome with the urge to lash out in anger because you feel there is no other way to express yourself, or get your point across, take a breather. Let God take over and guide you. And if you are just too worked up, go write in your journal and let those emotions go. Letting them go is far better than allowing them to eat you alive.

And when you are done with that, but still do not feel confident in verbally expressing yourself, do what I do and write a letter. Sometimes writing allows me to clearly present my feelings to those I want to understand how I am feeling.It's less confrontational. You've already gotten your feelings out, and when it does come time to talk about how you're feeling openly, you'll know that the people you're talking to know how you feel. So there's no reason to get angry! (Unless you do, then step away and breathe)!

Pray (taken from Living Free)
Father, I know I have not been faithful in spending daily quiet time with you. Please forgive me. As I begin to spend more time alone with you, teach me to listen. Teach me to be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. Enable me to walk in peace . . . and not in anger. In Jesus' name . . .


  1. Yes, anger is quite a confusing emotion to deal with sometimes. Whenever I'm angry, I try to take deep breathes and really think about the situation. Especially my choice of words because I don't want to say something I'll regret later. :) I've never done it, but writing a letter sounds like a really great solution to defusing some built-up anger. Good post Emily!


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