Batman is a dark, sinister-looking character fashioned after something that he very much fears-bats. (Whatever happened to the blue cape?) And why bats? Because he's afraid of them, obviously; but due to the mysteriousness and aloofness of a nocturnal animal, acutely representing the potential good in Gotham City. "Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot," Wayne remarks, "So my disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts. I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible..." (1989 Batman).

I have a difficult time processing how a superhero can be so dark. To each his own, for sure. But I don't see the awesomeness of a movie that involves a super rich playboy wearing a bat suit driving wicked tanks and wearing a cool gadget belt. To me, the gadgets and cool bat suit don't make a man or woman a hero. It's what they do it for that makes them a hero. If becoming a hero-because you're grief-stricken and mad about the death of your parents and want to avenge their death-means you are a hero than almost anyone can be a hero if that was the case.

Honestly, Batman doesn't come across as a gallant hero. Not to me. He's dark. How many superheros wear dark colors because they wish to blend in with the darkness and use that as their guise? Look at the superheros that have been on the big screen lately. Their costume is brightly colored. Superman is blue and red. Spider-man is red and blue (with a black spider). Captain America is red, white and blue. Iron Man is red and gold. The Hulk And I know that the Black Widow is dressed in black, but there is something about her that does not scream "darkness" like Batman. She represents, to me at least, a woman who is wildly confident and empowered-a model for all girls (who can see her and think "hey, if she can do that, then I can do anything"). 

Superheros poses a certain quality that I don't see Batman having in his expensive arsenal. Humility. I think that is what I like the least about this newer version of Batman. I have a hard time with a superhero, so-to-speak, being so arrogant. I even had a difficult time liking Iron Man because he was so flamboyant and self-righteous. It also has to do with the people playing these characters, of course. Iron Man and Batman are both played by self-righteous men, in my opinion. But one thing that made me start liking Iron Man, as opposed to Batman was his progression and growth in the movies he's played in compared to Batman (who I consider to be one of the least progressing superhero characters ever created). 

In every movie I have seen (so far, not to say this may happen miraculously in the last movie that's in theaters now), Batman has been ridiculously arrogant, coming off as pushy and self-absorbed. Maybe it's just Christian Bale. Could be. I have never been fond of him, either. And neither, it seems, carry the characteristic that I admire the most in a superhero, which would be humility. A willingness to accept failures and defeat. Yet, never backing down from a fight, and always having a willingness to die for others. Batman may be willing to die for others, but in my perspective, for the glory. Superheros like Captain America die for others because it's their duty, not because of the fame or glory that may potentially follow upon their passing. 

Okay, I'll stop venting. It's probably safe to say people are going to shun me because I don't care for Batman....but I don't care. It's not like I have committed a cardinal sin or anything like that. It's not that I am trying to change people's opinion on Batman, or make them hate him. I just don't understand why everyone is so crazed about a man in a bat suit? I guess you could ask me the same question about Superman or Captain America. But this is my blog, so I have the liberty to ponder on whatever topic I want. Sorry if I got you all worked up, I was just presenting my own views. 

Note: After reading this, I think my aversion to Batman is mainly due to the actor who plays him. It didn't strike me before, but it makes sense now. I prefer the cartoon Batman (not near as dark or threatening to me), but this new version of Batman is really, to me, distasteful. And again, I think it's more-so the actor who plays him than anything else. If you get what I mean. 


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  1. I'm not gonna try to start a fight of anything.
    and this is just my opinion, but yes Batman is a little dark, especially the first two movies in this series (I don't think the latest one was really that dark at all). But Bruce Wayne is batman because the people need him. He's a help. Not really "in it for the glory" .

  2. Oh, no, you're fine! I understand what you mean. I suppose it's everyone's individual perception. You see it one way while I see it the other. I guess you could say my thing for Batman has been something of a lifelong thing. I don't hate him, but I don't necessarily like him. And for me, well, he comes across as a glory-seeker. Even though that may not be his intentions. Like I said, I think it might just be the actor. :)

    1. Ohhh that's makes since, I understand :)

    2. I hope so. *blushes* Sometimes I go off in a rant and get lost in the process and then loose other people, too! Lol.

      God Bless,


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