Another Chapter in the Books

My days vary. I never know from one day to the next what's going to happen, or what I am going to be doing. (Okay, some things are a given)! But my days don't ever go exactly as planned. In some ways this bums me out and puts me in a panic, seeing that the things I wanted to get done never got done because of other factors that got in the way. 

Ah, life happens. So I must continue to live as though each day were my last and take each day one moment at a time-regardless of the many things I have planned to do on that particular day. Some things get done, I am happy to report. Though they aren't as many as I would like to hope would be accomplished. It's a part of allowing life to just ebb and flow, to move with the punches, and just take life as it comes. 

What I did today:

>> Edited photos
>> Blogged
>> Cleaned the bathroom and swept the down stairs
>> Embroidered
>> Sold a custom American Girl doll on eBay
>> Listened to the radio
>> Sang one line to a song that's been stuck in my head all day
>> Went to Walmart and Krogers
>> Ate breakfast and lunch and dinner
>> Watched Tarzan on Disney Jr. 
>> Surfed Pinterest
>>Worked out at home

What I wish I'd done today:
>> Wrote and amazingly God-inspired blog post
>> Was spontaneous and did a went out to take new photos
>> Went to the Library
>> Hung out at Opry Mills Mall
>> Cuddle with my widdle Snowbell
>> Wrote more in my book
>> Journaled
>> Went to the Gym
>> Finished Bambi
>> Spent more time with my family
>> Thanked God more for His blessings
>> Went outside and fully enjoyed the day

So, I obviously didn't get a whole lot of what I wish I had done done today. But there's always tomorrow and the day after. And if I don't ever get the chance, then it may be that it's not meant to be, or that I didn't have enough courage to try harder. Hope to get some of this "wish I had done" stuff actually done tomorrow. I hope. There's always next week, though. So, who knows. Something better might come along in the process!

Later. :)


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