the taste of fear

Fear is deafening. Blinding. Debilitating. It is a voice inside our heads that cautions us, ignited that fight or flight reaction, and can inevitably ruin a good day by prohibiting us from trying something new, accepting change, moving forward, or getting close to others. 


  1. Beautiful post... the pictures were perfect.

  2. Beautiful pictures!
    I just wanted to swing on by your *lovely* blog to let you know about some news regarding my old blog that you follow, Below the Plateau (
    I stopped blogging on Below the Plateau last year, and decided to start up a brand new blog. It is named Gabby Marie, and I would *love* for you to stop on by and take a peek! Here is the url { }
    Hope to see you there!

    Have a great day and God bless,

  3. you know what? something has it's hold on me and this one quote has just spelled it out for me; i'm living in fear. fear. i didn't even know.

    "you can't live by faith and by fear at the same time."

    thanks, Em, for this post. God led me over here to read it, didn't He? ima go pray.


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