I am always right

Who says you can't be smart and creative all rolled into one amazing package?! 

Um...okay, I don't know the answer to that, but seriously, I have always thought that you were either smart or creative,  and that it was impossible to enmesh the two together. 

I can't help being the way I am. It's easy. Comes naturally. 

Ya know what I mean? Have you realized that it's so easy to be YOU? It's natural! Whoa.

My right brain is overactive. On hyper-drive all the time. Nonstop. Constant perpetual motion. <---Sometimes I give myself migraines!

If I allow my right brain to flood and neglect my left side, well, there's no telling what could happen. 

Probably something pretty crazy, like splatter painting my bedroom wall, or, reinventing song lyrics, or, making weird faces, or, getting into odd positions. <---That happens all the time anyway!

But...when am I not crazy? I am sure that's a question we've all asked ourselves!!!!

If my left brain were to work all the time, and my right side were to be neglected, then I don't know how I would survive. No offense to those who are major lefties, but I would bore myself. 

I mean, that's just how I am. 

I can't stand knitting because I get bored of using the same colored yarn, or using the same stitch, or even the same needles! <---I get bored with a lot of things that require repetitiveness. 

I am mainly a righty. I know that. But thank God there some lefty in me (probably more than I am willing to admit). 

And with that, I accept me as the kind of girl I was created to be.

The final product is a crazy, smart, crazy, weird, crazy....ME! 

What about you? What side of the brain do you use the most?  


  1. Wow, that's so cool! Perpetual overdrive is good, makes life fun. Right brained people are so interesting! I'm a "whole brain" which means I use both sides equally, though I'm like, less than a percent towards the left. Hehe ^_^


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