forgiveness, love and hate

People fight. They lie. They steal. They cheat. They kill. But Jesus tells us to love those who do us wrong, because it is not our right or jobs to judge wrong-doers, as we ourselves are guilty of wrongdoing as well. 
Instead, we are to show love, kindness, and forgive. For all of us, we have encountered people who have put malice in our hearts by their cruel actions. 
I am not exempt from this; it's part of the sinful lives we live. However, we have a choice, like in everything whether to hold onto those feelings and stew over them, or let them go and live free from the burden of harbored anger and loathing. 
Why does this choice have to be so hard? So difficult and confusing? It's striking how easy it is to hate rather than love, but easy to love that which we lust over, and hate that which is good. What a contradicting world we reside in.
What are your thoughts on forgiveness, love and hate?

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