eyes of the beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It's difficult to imagine what beauty looks like to someone who views life in a cynical and unnatural manner. But to each his own. All see beauty in their way; it's not for me to say how anyone should perceive beauty.

Thus, I am thankful that God can see beauty for what it is, without ruffles, frills, pink frosting, and powder foundation. The beauty He sees isn't imagined, misconstrued, an object of scorn, lust, and greed. Beauty to God is the simple things: our hearts, our smiles, our laughter. Our off-tune singing, unsightly dance moves. Our failures. Our achievements, hopes, dreams. Our sincerity, childlike faith,
ability to be resilient. Our bruises, heartache, compassion, desire to live out His word.

That's beauty. True Beauty. Everlasting, never fading beauty. Fragrant. Vivid. Tender. Simple. Honest. Sincere. Real. God tells us in 1 Peter 3:3-5 that our beauty comes from the inside, not from the "braiding of our hair." The beauty of a woman that comes from her heart is like a fragrant rose. It's irresistible. A gentle, soft fragrance that knows when to be humble and when to shine. Its inner beauty is revealed in the sweetness of its perfume.

Every day God reminds us of the beauty in which we as women possess. Some of us may have freckles, acne, dark hair on our arms, scars on our back, no eyelashes, cancer, addictions, allergies, eating disorders; that doesn't deter Him from seeing who we are behind the masks we wear, or the flaws we have.

We see who we don't want to be. We see the beauty in only the things we want to see as beautiful. Often enough, we forget to take a step back and admire the beauty that God gave us. We cry out in distress; we don't know who we are because we've lost sight of what makes us happy. We neglected to take care of our emotional needs, stay in-tune to our likes and dislikes because we've put too much emphasis on what the world likes and doesn't like, and what makes the world happy. God is telling you in soft, snow white whispers that he's enamored by your beauty. Your real beauty.


  1. this is such a beautiful post! i've been thinking about the definition of beauty a lot recently, and your blog has really helped me find the truth i've been looking for,
    *God bless you! c:


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