hi there

It's been a while, huh? I know, I know! I have failed to keep this blog up to date on all that's been going on, and what God's been teaching me lately. I don't have time enough in the day to write to you guys as often as I'd like, but I do think about you all often and wonder how you all are doing.

My recovery is going well. I have been feeling rather tired and cruddy lately, but I know that is the result of this whole re-feeding process. (I am going to see the DR about that tomorrow, because there is a suspicion that I am battling re-feeding syndrome). 

Anyhow, God is amazing and has been teaching me so much about myself through this process that I feel so overwhelmed with the richness of His blessings. It is so amazing a feeling to know that I have a BIG GOD who not only cares about my problems, but a God that cares enough to help me work towards a better future for myself that, in the future, I can share with others my story of recovery and my discovery of how great our God is!

I know this is a quick post, but I want to leave you all with something I have learned recently. It's inspired me in so many ways to know that God has given me this life knowing that I can handle it!


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