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What is happening to our freedom? Can anyone answer me this? Our coutnry was created on the foundational principals of personal freedoms endowed by our Creator, which are inallianable rights we Americans are entitled to as humans. Yet this does not register in the slightest with the government and it's minions who take great pleasure in lording over the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this country. Such an attack on our personal freedom to speak about whatever we see fit to stand up for is an insult to all who posess an intelectually thinking cell in their body. 

The reason for my storngly worded introduction is the undertanding that there is to be a couple of new bills, called SOPA and PIPA, that congress will be trying to vote in on January 24th.

I confess to knowing little about this. However, I do know that I will not stand for the infringment upon personal rights, the rights of others, and the innability to allow peopole to share with each other links that may or may not be "infringable". And have you heard that these bills will most likely make it unfair to certain web-based business, due to the fact that the government would  they would have the power to decide what businesses get more advertisement than others? This is a loadf of crock, if you'll exuse my language. I am so infurriated by this that I went ahead and signed the petition, Fight for the Future. 

What are you guys going to do bout it? I hope you're not going to let this slide on by without taking action and showing your government and local legislators what freedom really looks like in the hearts of the American people. If we allow these bills to pass, it will not only affect us, but will affect other countries in the future. If we let them tell us what we can and cannot do online, what are we going to do five years from know when they want to tell us how to live our lives at home? Take a stand. Speak out. I did; and I MADE HISTORY. You can too.


  1. I know the people of America need to take a stand against these bills, and I have already signed a boatload of petitions... however- the uprising about these bills infuriates me. More people have been shaken by this bill than the bill legalizing murder in all 50 states... millions of babies are just being slaughtered through a genocide behind sterile doors- and more people care about SOPA and PIPA infringing their rights! What about the rights of the silent? Or the helpless?
    Makes me angry.

  2. Good grief. I had no idea. That's awful!



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